2008.10.19 Cecelia Ahern
When talkig about love I can just feel it , particularly the idea of grief.
Though I havent't lost anybody yet,I know what grief is made up from.
It is loneliness,devastation ...everybody feels those pains,
I was able to take these emotions(and create a story like this).
I had cried when I was writing this book and really gone through the
same journey as the character.I had put myself in her position and just
tried to imagine what I would want(in that situation). When talking to
people who have lost someone,it's the little things that hit them everyday.
For instance,it's a phone that rings,and you expect it to be him.But you
realize that it's not.That was the idea behind a letter.
People want new information to maintain communication.The most precious
thing about a letter is that one can read the words that they had written.
Also,I think it tends to be very personal.


アイルランド前首相 令嬢 セシリア・アハーン

映画 P.S I Love You 原作者